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Magellan launches an “Exclusive” selection of BTL products, available now through Brilliant Solutions!

We are happy to announce that Magellan Homeloans have newly launched into the BTL market, and so with their new “Exclusive” range of 2yr and 5yr fixed rates and tracker products with rates starting from 2.69%, we are delighted that these products are all available from Brilliant Solutions. 

Please see below some of the highlights for this new product range from @MagellanHL:

  • Rates start from 2.69%
  • Guarantor option for inexperienced landlords to buy HMOs
  • No credit scoring for added flexibility
  • No minimum income for Professional Landlords
  • State-supported (DWP), Housing Association and Corporate Tenants
  • SPV & Trading Limited Companies up to 80% LTV
  • HMO’s, Multi-units with shared utilities and Shared Houses using room rents
  • Studio Flats and short-term lease flats
  • Properties needing refurbishment in good locations with strong rental demand
  • Director loans considered for deposit
  • Single or Multiple tenancy agreements
  • Competitive ICRs starting at 125%, using Payrate for 5 year fixed rates
  • Adverse credit accepted
  • First Time Landlords and Buyers
  • Undervalue transactions up to 90% LTV
  • Bespoke ICR calculator using each applicants tax rate,
  • Remortgages within 6 months
  • Maximum age up to 85 at end of term
  • No limit on portfolio sizes with other lenders (Maximum £2m with Magellan)
  • Tracker products with no Early Repayment Charges.

In addition to the above, and you might already know this, but we do not charge any fees whatsoever for all residential (and BTL) mortgage cases that we process via our packaging services.  Nothing up front, on AIP or on Offer and nothing on completion.  Completely fees free!  That means that you and your clients can only benefit more from using our services.

For further information on the above example or to find more solutions for your clients’ needs, please contact @BrilliantSols on 01792 277 555 or email   Our dedicated support team is ready to provide you with personal assistance.  Alternatively, for a quick glance at all of our Exclusive products including details on the above product, please click here.

Click here to find out more about our fees free packaging services.




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