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Communication received from Virgin Money

In October 2018, Virgin Money joined forces with Clydesdale, which provides accounts under the names of ‘Clydesdale Bank’, ‘Yorkshire Bank’ and ‘B’. Since then we’ve been working hard to bring the two businesses together as one bank with around six million customers.

The transfer of the business of Virgin Money plc to Clydesdale Bank PLC is expected to happen on 21 October 2019.

Initially, the only change you will see is the Clydesdale name at the bottom of things we send, like letters, emails and mortgage offers. The Virgin Money logo will still be at the top of these documents. You will continue to submit business to Virgin Money as you do today and you will continue to be looked after in the same Virgin Money way.

We’ll be working behind the scenes to make the changeover as smooth and seamless as possible and the transfer will happen automatically. In the meantime, you can get more information including a summary of the terms of the transfer at


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