Brilliant Bridging for Brokers

Bridging finance is one of the most flexible funding solutions in the market, whilst it is relatively expensive it is a deal enabler so it will allow your clients to achieve their aims and will typically facilitate other transactions.  Great for client service, deal making and therefore income too.

Client Solutions

Whether it is to protect a client or to enable an investment, bridging finance allows your clients to more quickly and respond to the challenges and opportunities that life presents.  Brokers that support clients through these times will have clients for life. Furthermore, as bridging is a short term solution, there will be more transactions at the end of the term. Perfect for you and your client relationships.

Earn More

Brilliant has enhanced commission terms with a wide range of lenders, so not only do we get better service but our involvement ensures you earn a significant sum on every deal, regardless of how involved you wish to be.  When you align this with the fact that short term lending typically enables other transactions, it really is important for brokers to find the right partner in this field.


Brilliant Service

The nature of these deals means that brokers support in this field is paramount.  Customers in this sector will be demanding and understandably so; brokers therfore need to pick the right partner for their needs.  Our ability to look at all solutions gives us an incredible insight into the means that the client is going to exit the loan and furthermore makes sure that the loan really is in the best interest of the client.  All of this done through one team, one number and one system. You won’t find a better partner.


We put you and your client first.  By ensuring we do this we guarantee that we spend time understanding you and your business ans also the specific needs of your client.  Nowhere is this more important than with highly pressured bridging cases. We will ensure that we invest in building a long term relationship with you and your business across all areas.

Brilliant Referrals

We are able to handle any customer referrals, including regulated deals through our sister company.  This means that however you want to transact, Brilliant have a solution.