Brilliant Bridging & Development Loans

Our business model has been developed to ensure that we focus on the customer needs and therefore the broker’s needs.  This means that we are able to provide a holistic level of support that covers all relevant funding options and areas.  This fact makes our short term mortgage offering second to none as we are able to apply our mortgage knowledge across the board in order to obtain the best rates and ensure exit strategies are feasible.

One Team Approach

Photo: William Murphy (Flickr)By ensuring we work as one, we are able to give the lenders assurances that the loans are sensible and will be repaid whilst at the same time providing similar information to support you.  We are also helping to clarify that the bridging loan or development finance is the most appropriate solution.


The fact that we use one team and one system allows us to deliver compliant documentation to you to evidence our proposals and findings.  Something that is essential in this market.

Client Outcomes

Our focus is on you and your client.  This means that we do not purely focus on the narrow, blinkered short term scenario but on the ultimate aims and objectives of the client.  We therefore assess many alternative options if this is feasible.  As a result, with Brilliant you get better support throughout and better client outcomes.