What is Classified as a Commercial Mortgage?

As well as mortgages for trading businesses, commercial mortgages is a category that includes semi-commercial mortgages and can also include HMO mortgages and Buy to Let portfolios.  Many lenders have different classifications in terms of what is dealt with by their commercial department and what is not and equally, the FCA have their own view.

Why is the classification important?

It’s not important to your clients but in terms of how lenders assess mortgages, the basis on which they make the assessment and the regulatory environment, it matters a great deal.  That said, transacting commercial mortgages is completely different to handling a residential or standard buy to let mortgage which is where Brilliant Solutions helps.  Regardless of what the lender or regulator’s classification is, we can help brokers find the best solution for your clients.  We can even take over commercial mortgages for you and pay you an excellent referral commission if you do not want to be involved.

Remember, limited company buy to lets, HMOs and even Buy to Lets can all be considered commercial mortgages and Brilliant covers all of these scenarios as well as semi-commercial and business mortgages.

Brilliant Commercial MortgagesPhoto: James F Clay (Flickr: jamesclay)

Our commercial mortgages expertise is unique in that it works hand in hand with our other teams to ensure that all options are considered.  This means that the label given to the mortgage does not matter; all that matters is that we will find you and your client the best deal we can. Furthermore, we even have commercial mortgages available direct to lender so that you can deal with the lender and the client with as much or as little involvement as you like from us.  Now that’s Brilliant!


So whether it is classified as a commercial mortgage or not, you are in safe hands with Brilliant Solutions.