Brilliant Commercial Benefits

The benefits of finding a commercial mortgage solution for your customer is obvious but our services are also focused on ensuring that you, the broker, get the service, support and rewards to deserve.

Earn More with Brilliant

If a case is placed with a direct to lender provider via our mortgage club, which includes commercial lenders, then you will receive the vast majority of the deal income and we charge no fees either.  Win Win!  See our procuration fee schedule for further information.  If the lender is via our packaged panel then we split our commercial broker fee and all procuration fee payments with you 50:50.  Furthermore, we pay on the day of completion (unless the client broker fee is still outstanding).

Best Solutions for Your Client1100x720

By looking at all commercial mortgage options through all commercial mortgage channels and combining these with our access to residential and secured mortgages, we are able to find solutions that others cannot.  This means more completions.  Not only is it better for your clients but it is better for you and your business. With that kind of a proposition, why would you look elsewhere?

Brilliant Service

Unlike other businesses, ALL of our solutions are accessible through one system, one number and through one team.  It means we offer the best service possible. Put us to the test.


Unlike many commercial brokers who are transactional, we focus on the relationship.  We are more than a commercial mortgage specialist and as such we build relationships with our brokers for the long term.  We will get to know you, come out and see you, build an understanding of your business and your expectations and deliver a proposition that suits you.  As a private business we value each and every broker; use Brilliant Solutions and be part of a Brilliant partnership.


If acting on cases is not for you, for whatever the reason, we can take over on your commercial mortgage cases.  Just let us know, we are happy to help.