Brilliant Commercial Mortgage Services

Our proposition for commercial mortgages is unique in that it covers all aspects of commercial mortgages from Buy to Let through to retail and industrial units.  In addition to this, we offer direct to lender solutions, packaged solutions and we will also be able to take clients over as a referral.  Furthermore, we can combine these with cheaper residential funding solutions to provide the best possible outcome.

Direct to Lender Commercial Mortgages

We are all about finding you the best possible mortgage for your client, if that means you can go direct to the lender then fine by us.  As we have a direct to lender mortgage club, we are able to get you access to lenders that offer commercial mortgages in a direct to lender manner.  You get to benefit from our commercial mortgage placement expertise, our case support and our Express Payments too, meaning that you get paid on completion.  Furthermore, if anything falls through we will be on hand to offer alternatives if needed. commericial-bg

Packaged Commercial Mortgages

Our extensive panel of lenders covers high street, specialist lenders, intermediary only lenders, packaged only lenders and commercial mortgage funders of all descriptions.  The fact that we consider all mortgage types and distribution channels means your client will get the lowest cost funding solution available.

We operate a fully transparent business and as such we provide you with detailed documentation to explain our role and responsibilities.  This is not only compliant but helps you manage the client throughout the process.

Commercial Mortgage Broker

Sometimes our brokers do not have the time or the inclination to tackle commercial cases.  We’d love to think that with all our support you can run the process alongside us but sometimes other things get in the way.  We understand, that’s why we have a commercial mortgage referral process that allows us to take the burden off brokers whenever required.