A Real Mortgage Club, Not Just A Button!

Brilliant Solutions are not just your ordinary club or a button you press for your proc fee payments. We are different and here is why:

Earn More
Why settle for less? Thanks to our competitive proc fees and our ability to place the most complicated of deals, put simply, you will earn more for your current deals and complete more mortgage business too. Brilliant.

Get Paid Regularly and Quickly
We pay daily and on completion of the mortgage, that’s before we get the money… Can’t get better than that? oh yes you can, our statements are all available online too and come with a CSV output making keeping on top of your payments simple.

Happier Clients
Thanks to our range of mortgage options you will be able to satisfy more clients which has a huge impact on the number or referrals and other income you will earn.  Furthermore, our support should give you additional time with your current clients too.

No Constraints
You will be free to choose the best option for the best deal for every client, even if that means you have to access the odd Exclusive Mortgage Product through another channel.  We know that this happens, we encourage it! After all, it’s about getting the best deal for the client and we know that the majority of your business you will choose to service with Brilliant Solutions.  (To view our Exclusive Products, click here)

Better Relationships
Be a big part of a smaller business rather than a ‘number’ for a corporate.  One of the most tangible components of our offering is the strong bonds between our brokers and our staff.  We don’t ask you about your volume, we want a profitable partnership regardless of your business size.

Put us to the test today, contact us and get switched to Brilliant!