What makes a Brilliant Mortgage Club

Some features of a mortgage club are essential, the basic requirements that are vital to all mortgage brokers.  Brilliant Solutions takes these service features and makes them, well… Brilliant! Here’s how.

We offer many benefits for brokers to sign up for our mortgage club and mortgage packing services. We also provide commercial mortgages, secured loans and bridging and development loans.

Procuration Fees630x450
We have a daily payment run and pay on completion, i.e. before we get the funds from the lenders. Not only that, but we offer enhanced procuration fees on multiple lenders too.   All our statements are online and there is one number for all queries. It really is as simple and as good as that.

Lender & Product Access
Brilliant offers lender and product access across multiple channels.  This unbiased range of products and lenders sets our solutions offering apart and makes our offering far more than a Mortgage Club.  Furthermore, as well as the niche lenders, we have all major lenders and using Brilliant does not prevent you from accessing other channels at any stage, it can only be a positive addition to your set of options!  If you need to access the odd exclusive that we don’t have, and we do have some Brilliant Exclusives, then you can do that with no problem at all.  Brilliant!

Case Support & Placement
Having been in the specialist market for many years, we have genuine experience in the sectors that you need it most and that includes with direct to lender specialist lenders and specialist products.  If that fails, we have packaged alternatives internally through the same team and across multiple mortgage types. If a deal can be done, we will do it!

Relationship & Partnership
We will not only support our members with sourcing systems, but we offer marketing support and complete broker software systems too.  Our head of Sales will visit you personally and you will become a valued member of our community; something that other so called clubs just do not offer. We want to build and develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

Brilliant Solutions are not a button you press for your proc fee payments. We are proud of our range of services, personal relationship and competitive proc fees. Having been in the specialist market for many years, we have genuine experience and if deal can be done, we will do it!

All of this sounds great but don’t just take our word for it; give us a go today!