Brilliant Products

The Brilliant Solutions Mortgage Club offers brokers direct to lender access whenever it can; across all mortgage types and not just prime mortgages.  This means our product coverage is second to none in the range of solutions considered.  We look to identify the most appropriate product and solution for you and your client, and if you can deal directly with the lender then so much the better.  We have some great Exclusive Products too.

We offer direct access for:Photo: Tim Green (Flickr: atoach)

  • Specialist Mortgages
  • Specialist Buy to Let Mortgages
  • HMO Mortgages
  • Secured Loans
  • Commercial Mortgages

This goes hand in hand with our packaged option meaning that you will always get the best available solution, regardless of the channel.

Exclusive Products

We have some products that are only available via a very select group of distributors.  These Exclusive Products further demonstrate the value our offering brings to the marketplace for both lenders and brokers alike.  To view these products, click here.

Photo: Les Haines (Flickr: leshaines123)

No other whole of market mortgage club as this range of product coverage backed up by experienced experts in each field; the product options available via Brilliant Solutions is truly… Brilliant!