Why use our Packaging Services?
Because The devil is in the detail and it won’t cost you or your client a penny.

Many brokers cease working with cases because they are complex or borderline and broker time is precious.  Packaging services get straight to the detail quickly and effectively in ways that even the latest computer systems cannot. So many packagers charge your client for these services whereas we don’t charge your clients anything, it’s all part of the service.

No matter what the client’s situation or what the property type; with the right partner at your side finding a solution for your clients is easier, more efficient and cost effective.  Run the key features of a case through with our expert placement team and we will soon identify the crucial questions and filter the complex scenarios down to the most appropriate for your client.

Photo: Marketing Edinburgh (Flickr: thisisedinburgh)Beyond that, we will work with you to prepare the lender submission, making sure we address any issues that will inevitably crop up on the way as the case dynamics change through the process.

All of these benefits come with no loss of direct to lender options, remember, we offer our services hand in hand with our direct to lender mortgage club meaning that our packaged support options only ever add another string to your bow.

Give us a call to day and find out how we can help you with your next, or current, client.