Brilliant Benefits Package

There are many advantages of using a Brilliant Mortgage Packager, we detail some here but the best way is to give us a call and have a conversation; we are confident we will be able to help. Remember, there are no fees either so all these benefits come at no cost to your client!

Greater Income

Not only do we often pay more for packaged deals but we also pay on completion.  You will also be earning more money through the completion of more deals in the specialist sector.  That’s more than competitive, that’s Brilliant!

Satisfied Customers

With more products, more lenders and more support you will be delivering a better service to customers and moreover, will be finding more solutions for the more complex deals.  Not only will this increase customer satisfaction but it helps with overall profitability and will naturally increase the number of referrals.  After all, it’s the tough cases that get to completion that win you all the plaudits from the customer.


More Client Options

If you submit a packaged case through and there is a direct to lender alternative, if it is better for the customer, we will always give you the option.  By using our packaged services you and your clients lose nothing, you only gain more support and more lender and product options.

Better Relationships

Our lender relationships are stronger and our service levels are better than any direct to lender alternative.  It is why lenders encourage the packaged channel.  You and your client benefit from these relationships through better service.  Furthermore, you will be part of Brilliant Solutions too which means being a big part of a business that treats you as a a key partner.

Put Brilliant to the test, send us an enquiry today and see how we can help!