Brilliant Mortgage Packaging Services

Brilliant Solutions has been packaging mortgages since 1996, over 20 years.  Find out why lenders encourage mortgage packaging and why so many brokers use our services.

Fees Free

That’s right, for all residential and BTL mortgage cases we charge no fees whatsoever.  Nothing upfront, on AIP or Offer and nothing on completion.  Completely fees free.  That means that you and your clients can only benefit from using our services.


The level of knowledge and awareness required on our specialist packaged lenders is greater than standard mortgages.  This is where our experience comes into its own, helping you prepare cases quickly and effectively for the lender and highlighting your options for overcoming any hurdles along the way.  Our knowledgeable team will not only find a solution for your client quickly but will also help you through the frequently time consuming process of dealing with a specialist mortgage.

Access to Products950-670

Some lenders and products are only accessible through packaged channels so not using a brilliant packager means you are not giving your client access to some great products.  They are not all at ridiculous rates either! Take a look at our packaged range.

Client Solution Driven

Our team are as capable of supporting you with Direct to Lender queries as they are at packaging a case.  We work as a team that is focused on finding the right deal for your client regardless of the channel.  This frequently means that we are able to deliver a mix of solutions in complicated cases; something unavailable elsewhere. As we offer a range of mortgage services to brokers we are not packaged-bias.  Using Brilliant Solutions means the best deal for your customer.

Faster Payments & More Profitable for Brokers

We pay you on completion before we get the payment from the lender. Same day faster payment.  It doesn’t get better than that! Equally, we frequently are able to pay brokers more through the packaged channel than other channels and can guarantee that you will never lose out financially by submitting a packaged case.


We frequently get better lender response times and always have better relationships with our packaged lender panel than any direct to lender relationship either you or we may have.  There simply needs to be a much better understanding.  This, alongside our determination to fight your corner throughout every deal, means you get a better service through this channel.

Pull it all together and you can see that Brilliant Solutions offers packaged services that will result in you getting better results for you and your clients.