houses-pink1Brilliant Broker Services

Access the best solutions for your clients, quickly and profitably; regardless of mortgage type or distribution channel. The best solutions for you are the best solutions for your clients.

Earn more through Brilliant thanks to:

  • Leading Procuration Fees (see Comparison)
  • Express payment times; paying you on completion i.e. before we get paid
  • Enhanced product range and breadth of solutions considered allows more deals to complete via Brilliant than elsewhere; more completions, more money.
  • Profit sharing partnerships are available for accounts working with us along all solutions; real partnerships lead to real profits.

Why don’t you switch a couple of lenders today and put us to the test?

We offer all distribution channels so are free from any product or solution bias.  Get the best solution for your clients.

  • More solutions mean more deals complete
  • All channels, packaged and direct to lender, allow more lenders and more products to be considered giving better outcomes and more completions
  • Knowledge across all available funding alternatives allows a more creative approach to solutions; better options and more completions.

Why don’t you switch a couple of lenders today and put us to the test?

Fast, light touch solutions delivered by a state of the art software platform and backed up by personal service.

  • However you wish to submit business; you can!
  • One team, one number, the same personal service
  • However you wish to monitor your cases, you can!
  • Our knowledge, systems and commitment gets you the turnaround you and your clients need.

Why don’t you switch a couple of lenders today and put us to the test?

Personal relationships with experienced experts at the top of the company.  Our business is based on these relationships which means we understand brokers better than anybody else out there and you benefit from our understanding of your particular needs.

  • Communication is a business priority; it’s what we do!
  • We take the time to understand you and your business, it’s not just one way traffic.
  • We are building bonding professional relationships with brokers every week; it’s how we get the best out of each other and it makes it all a lot more fun too!

Why don’t you switch a couple of lenders today and put us to the test?

Going on holiday? Too busy? Don’t like the ‘difficult’ cases? We can take any client referrals via our sister company, Brilliant Money.

For Consumer Credit deals or unregulated deals, we can also deal with clients directly as Brilliant Solutions should you prefer.

Our preference is that we deal with you, the broker, but if you would rather we got more involved then that’s fine with us too!

Refer a case today and put us to the test.

Our broker services are all in-house.  Thanks to our centralised system and ‘One Team’ mentality, we are able to deliver an unbiased and effective range of client solutions to our brokers. No commitment, no catch.  Contact Brilliant Solutions today.